Simple Yet Effective Hotel Renovation Tips

Most hotels need some amount of renovation every 5 or 7 years to modernize their looks, get an edge over their competitors and comply with the specified brand requirements of the franchise.

The competency with which the management plans and carries out an hotel renovation program has a great influence on the extent of client satisfaction or discomfort.

In order to reduce the negative operational as well as financial impacts of a renovation program, you need to take the below mentioned actions to ensure that the program is executed with least inconvenience in a flawless manner, while lowering the financial impact on the hotel’s bottom line.

  1. Depending on the extent and complexity of the renovation project you will have to decide whether you should close the hotel completely and reopen it after the renovation has been completed, or to renovate the hotel while it is still operating.
  2. Depending on the scope of the project, you should decide on the most appropriate time when you can start the renovation process while causing the least inconvenience to the clients.
  3. Choose an experienced general contractor to supervise the whole project. It is important to hire a general contractor who is able to undertake the renovation in a competent manner and is willing to consistently work on the project right from conception to completion. Select a contractor who is capable and competent to ensure that the quality is maintained.
  4. Take a look at other hotel projects which the general contractor has undertaken. You will get a fair idea of the quality of work and will get first hand information on the capability of the contractor and whether he can stick to deadlines.
  5. Search for a talented and professional interior designer, purchasing agent & architect who will be able to do justice to your project.
  6. You can speak to the general contractor and then decide the timeline of the project and the number of rooms that will be unavailable during the renovation process and the duration for which they will remain unusable. You will also have to focus on the public areas which will be blocked or closed while the renovation is in process.
  7. Before you start the renovation program, you should intimate your clients and inform them about the planned renovation. You should also update them from time to time about the progress of the renovation. This is important for in-house and long-term guests and other businesses which are associated with the hotel.
  8. Finally when the renovation is complete you should try to spread the word about the completion.

The renovation process for operational businesses is quite tough, but it is very important to undertake it from time to time in the hotel industry. However with proper planning, interaction, coordination and implementation you can successfully complete the whole renovation process with minimal hitches, and come up with a modernized and enhanced facility that enhances the client’s satisfaction levels.

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