Roof Renovation Tips

1. Be Stylish

While renovating your home you should focus on the style of the roofing. Since the roof is prominently visible from outside, hence it is essential to ensure that it looks visually appealing.

2. Carefully Scrutinize the Roof

You should make use of a good pair of binoculars for inspecting the roof. Check to see whether any cracks have developed or the shingles have fallen apart. In case the roof consists of asphalt shingles, then you should check whether the granular covering is missing in some areas. You can take a look at the interiors of the roof as well. Besides, you should inspect the attic space with a flashlight to locate water stains, which reveal that the roof is leaking.

Roof Renovation

3. Get Proper Information

You should look for a professional roofing contractor having a proper office, a telephone line and a tax identification number as well as a business license. You should also check whether the contractor has liability insurance and worker’s compensation, else you will be held liable in case there is an accident on the job site.

4. Click Photographs

The contractors know how to click digital pictures of your house and show you the various renderings of the place using a variety of materials.

5. Ensure Everything is in Black and White

The roofing contractor should give you a clear proposal which has all the details about the type of roofing, the materials to be used, the colors and other specification. You should also know if the present roofing is going to be completely changed or simply hidden using a layer of additional shingles. The proposal should also mention whether the contractor will install the new flashing & vents. Moreover, the proposal should also mention the duration it will take to complete the roofing.

6. Look for Alternatives

If you wish to have a cedar or a redwood roof, but are hesitant due to fire safety issues, then you should go through the local codes to find out more and look for fire resistant wood shingles or make use of metal or synthetic materials which resemble cedar or redwood. These materials also compliment slate & tile roofs. You can see authentic clay and concrete tiles on roofs in south western roofs. However, you should opt for these roofs only if your house is capable of handling the weight of such roofs.

7. Make Provisions for Vents

By having some ventilation in the attics your roof will be more long lasting. However, the specification for ventilation differs from one region to another. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, you should have at least 1 square feet of free vent area for every 150 sq feet of attic space.

8. Consider the Yearly Expenses of the Roof

You should take quotes from more than one roofing contractor and carefully compare them. A roof is an essential part of your home and hence you should calculate the annual roofing expense and then divide the expenses with the life expectancy.

9. Find Out About the Square

Roofing people term the number of shingles as a square that are required to cover 100 sq feet.

Roof Renovation And Repair

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