People often wonder how much it would cost to renovate a toilet. Well, the expenses for toilet renovation may range from couple of thousand ringgit to 30,000 ringgit as well. There are various factors which you will have to consider for the same:

Before calculating the expenses you will have to consider:

  • Obtaining a building permit before making any structural changes
  • The prices of toilet fittings differ
  • The plumbing expenses increases in case you are moving any plumbing fixtures
  • You also have to include the electrician’s charges
  • Add the tillers charges as well
Toilet Repair And Renovation

Quotation Request Preparation

A toilet renovation company provides you with quotes for the entire job and they will also provide you with the breakup of the labour charges and the merchandise expenses. However if you need an accurate quote then you have to be precise and clear in your requirements. You will have to inform them about some basic facts such as:

  •   Whether you wish to move a bathtub, shower or a sink?
  •   Do you wish to install a skylight?
  •   Are you interested in glass toilet tiles?
  •   Do you want to enhance the lighting in the toilets?
  •   You also need to inform them about the actual size of the present toilet.
  •   Give them the complete details about the layout of your already existing toilet
  •   Do you wish to relocate your toilet, sink, shower, or bathtub?
  •   You also have to specify the type and quality of fittings you require.

You should ask for a quote when getting in touch with toilet builders. While asking for a quote you can also specify your budget.

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