Factors Determining Kitchen Renovation Price

Penang Kitchen Renovation Cost

The price of renovating your kitchen may vary depending on the scope and the size of your project and the quality of the material you choose. Since, there are plenty of things that you need to put into consideration, hiring a contractor may be a wise decision to make. The cost of kitchen renovation project could vary depending on the following.

  • Kitchen Countertops – Adding kitchen countertops is one of the most cost effective solutions in upgrading your kitchen. If the current countertops are out of style or worn out then this may be a wise decision. New countertops installation can cost from several thousand ringgit, but it’s still important that you consider how much the cost of the project may vary from the types of materials and the layout. Basically, the cost of countertops will largely depend on the materials used, the simplicity of the layout and the materials used.
  • Kitchen Flooring – if you want to dramatically change the appearance of your kitchen, then changing the flooring is an absolute must. This is an area of a kitchen remodel where you can reduce the cost of labor, but you must be prepared for the work that awaits you should you choose to do it on your own. The average cost of kitchen flooring is around RM2,995. However, there are flooring materials such as exotic natural stones that are hard to install and this may influence the price. Vinyl and laminate are typically the most cost effective flooring option for your kitchen as they are cheap compared to natural stones and hardwood floors.
  • Labor – Kitchen renovation contractor’s prices vary, depending on their skills, experience, and reputation. It may be tempting to hire contractors that offer cheap service, but you should do the contrary. Skilled and experienced contractors may offer expensive labor, but that’s because the stand behind their work. Besides, family owned kitchen renovation companies offer flexible prices that are reasonable.

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