Small House Renovation Tips

Small house renovation is all about doing things smarter, and keeping a tight control on the expenses.

Let’s discuss some small house renovation ideas that help to make the best of your living space and get the best out of your small house, make it look and feel much bigger than what it really is.

Build an Additional Room

It is always a good idea to build an additional room for the extra space you need during the small house renovation. Of course, this may not be possible for everyone.

Use Lighter Colors

Using lighter paints such as white and beige is advantageous as they reflect light, which makes the house seem more spacious and even roomier. As far as possible, ensure that you use paints that have a low VOC.

Transform the Basement

Basement renovation is a must during the small house renovation as it adds precious living space to the house. Ensure that the basement is properly waterproofed, check for moulds, etc. so that the air inside is really quite healthy.

Convert Vertical Surfaces into Storage Space

As far as possible, convert vertical spaces such as walls or any space under the stairs into shelves for books, shoes or linen and so on.

Go For More Consistent Flooring

Consistency in the flooring makes a house appear bigger than what it is.  You may want to try salvaged wood planks or FSC wood that is more eco-friendly for the flooring.

Use Eco-Friendly Materials in the House Renovation

Always make it a point to recycle the waste during house renovation and use incorporate environmentally friendly materials into the renovation.

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