Preparing House Renovation Plan for Your Project

It is important to create a well thought out plan for the house renovation project that takes into consideration the labour to be hired, the money to be spent, materials to be bought, time to be spent on the project and so on. Your plan should also provide for a contingency fund – in case of an unforeseen emergency – which should amount to 10% of the project cost.

Cut Out On the Nonessential

Many of the repairs and beautifications planned during a home renovation project are not really important or truly essential, and they only add to the cost of the project. That is why it is important to be very strict about what you need and don’t really need. There will be several things you will want, but you should only include those that are absolutely essential. However – here’s a caveat – there are certain additional things that you can make a part of your project, such as installing a home security system that could actually get your insurance company to lower the premiums to be paid by you.

Stick to the Original Plan at All Cost

Once you have created a plan, it is important to stick to it at all cost. Contractors simply hate it when home owners change their plans every now and then. This would slow down the house renovation project and adds up the expenses. Your budget, in the meanwhile, would go completely haywire.

Progress Payment for Work Done

 It is important to pay your contractor for the work that has been done. Pay in small increments for work that has been done. Pay only for the materials that have been bought. Keep strict tabs on the project and exercise a close control over the costs.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Affordability

One of the mistakes made in many house renovation projects is to compromise with the quality of the materials bought to cut down on the expenses. Ensure that your contractor never buys anything substandard. Always go for materials of the highest quality and manufactured by the best brands. It is also important for the structural stability of your house that the home renovation project is done well and high quality materials are used.

Incorporate Energy Efficiency into the Design

When renovating your house, always look for green solutions and use eco friendly materials. While the cost of installing energy saving equipment during the home renovation such as solar heaters could cost you quite a bit initially, over the long term, you can achieve enormous energy savings with them, which would greatly reduce your utility bills. Also, ensure that your building contractor uses non-toxic materials during the renovation.

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