Basic Budget House Renovation Ideas

Renovating your home can actually be a lot of fun. We have a collection of awesome home renovation ideas for you. Browse through the ideas given here and find out the ones you like best.

Get Rid of the Clutter

The first thing to be done during any home renovation project is to get rid of the clutter. De-clutter your home, open up as much free space as possible. You and your family would need valuable breathing space in the house. What can you do with all the stuff that you want to get rid off? Hold a yard sale and donate the proceeds to a local charity.

Make the Best of What You Have

You don’t have to replace everything that is old. In fact, some of the old stuff such as the moldings of your home adds a touch of class to it. What you can do is to make them look fresh and new, by repainting them in light shades.

Colours Make All the Difference

The colours used in the repainting should ideally belong to a monochromatic scheme. The most popular colors for a home renovation project are white and beige. The reason for this is, they make your home look roomier and more spacious than what it is. Also, they match well with any accessory or decorative item used in the house.

Just Change a Few of the Tiles

While changing the tiles in the kitchen and the bathroom, don’t change all of them, just a few and add new, colorful tiles with bright textures at appropriate spots.

Refinish Old Furniture – No Need To Buy New Ones!

You don’t have to replace your old furniture and buy new ones. Just scrub them well with sandpaper, which would create a modern and chic appearance, make your old furniture look different.

Remodeling the Kitchen the Smart Way

Kitchen renovation is perhaps one of the most important things to be done during house renovation. You can change the kitchen tiles, buy brand new appliances, change the kitchen counters, sink, lighting, faucets and so on. Repaint the kitchen as well to give it a new look.

Renovating the Bathroom

Bathroom renovation would make your house look more valuable if you’re looking to resell it. You should hire an experienced bathroom renovation contractor to change the toilet fittings. Also, change the floor tiles, add colorful paint to the walls of the bathroom and replace the old bathroom fixtures with new, attractive ones.

Replace the Dark and Heavy Curtains and Bed Covers!

Dark and heavy curtains are so 20th century. Use lightweight fabrics that are light colored. Besides being easier to wash, they make your house look roomier and add a touch of elegance to the rooms.

Don’t Get Rid of Old Artwork

Don’t get rid of the old artwork. Just place them at appropriate spots where they offer an attractive contrast to the color of the wall painting. Buy new artwork as well, so as to give a special new look to your home design.

Place an Appropriate Lampshade in the Living Room

Lamp shades are very elegant additions to a living room, bedroom or to the dining hall. While selecting a lampshade, be sure to pick those that offer brighter lighting for your bedrooms and dining hall, and more elaborately structured ones for your living room.

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