Selecting a Reliable House Renovation Service Company

How you select a house renovation service company has a great bearing on the project being undertaken. You cannot afford to be negligent about this, as being saddled with inexperienced or unqualified house renovation contractor could cost you a great deal, besides compromising the structural stability of your home, and hence the safety of your family.

You should be very clear about hiring only the most experienced contractors who have all the adequate licenses for the task of house renovation, and have the requisite knowledge of the building codes for your city. Let’s discuss how you can select the right house renovation service company for your home.

Ask for Referrals from Trustworthy People

Always trust contractors have come recommended by people you trust and respect. A word of approval from a neighbour or a friend about a house renovation contractors hired by them in the past goes a long way. Ask around about the positives and negatives about a particular contractor. Also, besides recommendations from friends and neighbours, also have a chat with the local hardware shop owners and ask about the best contractors in the locality.

Ask for a Professional Recommendation

There are several insurance firms that offer recommendations on house renovation services to valuable customers. Perhaps your home insurance company rates a particular house renovation contractor highly. It doesn’t hurt to ask. You may also want to ask your bank manager about any local home renovation services that are rated highly by the bank, while you’re applying for a bank loan for the home renovation. Or you could ask a reputed local architecture or interior design firm for recommendations. A recommendation from professionals carries a lot of weight.

Start a Bidding Procedure for the House Renovation

You can initiate a competitive bidding procedure for the house renovation and invite bids from three or more house renovation contractors. Ask for quotations and select the bid that appears to be the most competitive. You might also want to hire a couple of home renovation services for the work and delegate different responsibilities to them – this ensures that the risk is well distributed.

Verify the Authenticity of the Service Provider

On selecting a house renovation service provider, don’t be shy to ask the contractor about his experience, a portfolio of work done in the past, and find out whether he has the proper licenses to work on house renovation in your area. Also, find out if he has the right qualifications and is certified by an accredited program. Be sure that the home renovation contractor hired by you is perfectly legitimate, and has all the permits required. You wouldn’t want to hire con men or fake agencies.

Prepare a Watertight Contract

Once a contractor has been selected, everything discussed about the work to be done has to be written explicitly in a contract, with a fixed estimate cost for each of things to be done, such as electrical work, plumbing, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, etc. Nothing should be left to chance and never trust just a verbal agreement. Write down absolutely everything and get the agreement signed by the proprietor of the house renovation service company.

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