Important Steps in Preparing an Effective House Renovation Checklist

A house renovation project is an exciting undertaking, but not an easy one. There are several things that you’ll have to get right, and during a house renovation project you’ll have to juggle many balls in the air and ensure that everything goes just as planned, while staying within a fixed budget. It helps to prepare a checklist. This article will show you how you’re to do that.

So, let’s begin your House Renovation Checklist with how to decide on a budget.

You cannot begin a home renovation project without knowing beforehand about your budget. Without having a proper budget fixed, you won’t be able to qualify for a bank loan either, because banks will want to know an estimate from you before they agree to finance your house renovation. It helps to have a chat with bank executives about the house renovation budget as they will have financed several such projects and will have an excellent idea of what is the most suitable budget for such work.

Equally, it is important to have a contingency fund in place – because, often during house renovation, you will find the budget getting stretched because of unforeseen expenses. Set a contingency fund of just 10% of the house renovation budget, and as far as possible, avoid using the money in this fund unless it is absolutely necessary.

Hiring a professional renovation contractor is absolutely necessary as house renovation is a task done by specialists. It is certainly something you shouldn’t ever attempt on your own. While looking to hire contractors, ask around; ask friends and neighbours about the professionals hired by them in the past. Get in touch with two or three contractors, ask for quotations and select the professional you feel most comfortable with.  Do make it a point to ask the contractors if they are covered by professional liability insurance – this is very important.

Create a list of things you want and that you really want. For example, during the kitchen renovation, you will need to replace the handles of the kitchen cabinets. Perhaps you would be happier if the handles are made of stainless steel. However, stainless steel handles are expensive and buying them may take you over your budget. So make a list of what you need – handles for kitchen cabinets, and what you want – stainless steel handles. If things remain under control, and within budget, go for stainless steel handles, or stick to cheaper aluminum handles.

 You will have to do a lot of visualizing before starting the home renovation. For instance, if you’re looking to build a deck at the front entrance, visualize about the type of furniture you will want on it, about the decorative items you would want placed on the deck and so on. Visualizing what you expect the renovation to achieve, helps you plan better and set the right budget.

As soon as you hire a professional contractor for the renovation, ensure that everything discussed about the work he is supposed to do is jotted down in a legal contract, with a fixed cost for each of things he is supposed to do, such as electrical work, plumbing, changing tiles etc. Nothing should be left to chance or just to a verbal agreement. Write down absolutely everything and get the agreement signed by the contractor.

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