The important factor in renovating bathrooms is not the cost but the way how you recreate or remodel it and will satisfy your needs for it. There are three types of designs for your bathroom which you can choose from. These are the traditional, the contemporary, as well as the transitional bathrooms.

In redesigning your bathroom into a traditional type, the fixtures that you are going to need for it should be simple and are suitable for everyone. The pastel or earth colors which are the best hue for traditional type of bathroom should exude softness which can be partnered with unique carvings that can show your culture or characteristics of your personality. If you want to feel its melancholy effect, you can always add dim lights and antique fixtures that will make your bathroom look like a vintage. Your bathroom with the traditional type can have double sinks accented with glass mosaic, or it can be forest inspired with elegant chandeliers that provides a holistic retreat. You can also add texture that gives an old fashioned but dignified look like cabinets which are stained with walnuts colors, a granite counter top, and mirror in carved wood. You can also choose a nostalgic finished bathroom with retro-style fixtures. You can also enliven your walls with traditional patterns, floral fabric curtains, vintage faucets, cabinets made of maple woods, wall papers with 19th century designs that exudes Victorian era, a Roman shade with a pedestal sink, or a mahogany finished wood paneling that provides a timeless appearance.

The contemporary type of bathrooms has a touch of sophistication which is designed with modern fixtures. This is more of a fashionable type that turns your bathroom more chic and stylish. You can use tiles with designs for the floor and paint it with bright or contrasting hues that will suit to your taste for it. You can add decorations such as paintings or frameless mirror. Contemporary bathrooms can be designed with different inspirations such as Japanese inspired which uses more natural materials, a bath designed with frameless glass mirror and glass opening, marble tiled counter top, natural view while showering, featuring textures tiles, or a bath with slipper math, and add a soft chair where you can relax first before bathing.

If you opt for the transitional bathroom this is a combination of the traditional and the contemporary which you can accentuate it with other embellishment such as hanging plants vases which are made of crystal with plants in it. You can also utilize or add various kinds of storages such as native baskets or vanity counters which are made of porcelain and others. The walls can be floral or an elegant palette with printed wall paper. You can also add chairs which can add warmth to the bathroom. You can also use glass doors and a skylight that permits the natural light to beam inside. To add more style you can use hanging lights that can provide dim light while you are enjoying soaking in your bathtub.

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